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Trust Food was established at the end of 1994 after a thorough study for the need of Halal slaughtered chicken in Denmark. Our first product was Alakssa Chicken: a Danish, Halal slaughtered and tasty chicken. The vision was to make high-quality halal chicken products more accessible in Europe. We worked hard to reach our vision. The concept was expanded, and today 23 years after,  Alakssa is one of the most popular and trustworthy brands in the Halal industry.

Our main value is credibility. Since the beginning, we never compromise with Halal slaughter rules. When we search for new manufacturers, we select only those who have quality and hygiene as their top priority.

Production of Trust Food's products
Production of Trust Food's products

We always focus on the following 5 criteria:​

·       Halal

·       Quality

·       Taste

·       Hygiene

·       Animal welfare

Trust Food always strives to expand the product range. We try to accomplish this through communication and feedback from costumers. Therefore, our products are continuously improving and developing.

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