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All ALAKSSA products are manufactured from raw materials, which are all Halal. Our poultry products are produced from Halal slaughtered poultry.

We do not compromise on halal. Time and resources are spent to ensure that the slaughter is in accordance with all Islamic laws. We supervise the slaughter ourselves, and we are always in contact with our suppliers to maintain the proper slaughter method. That is what sets us apart from other halal companies in the market.

Halal slaughter certificate from The Muslim College, UK

Halal slaughter certificate from The Muslim College, UK

Halal slaughtering


All chicken products originate from slaughterhouses that are well known in quality as well as hygiene.
At these slaughterhouses, the poultry is treated gently, before and after the slaughtering. This is not just ethically correct, but it also results in an end product with the best quality. 
The chicken is Halal slaughtered in accordance with Islamic laws.
Thanks to the high standard of the Danish food safety, and our more than 23 years of experience with quality assurance, we always offer high quality chicken products with appetizing taste and delicious flavor. 


AlAKSSA products
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